Sound-Installation (2016)
33 Sewage pipes, steel construction; Blavandshuk, DK

CLICK: Audiosample

During the Second World War, the Danish west coast was transformed profoundly by the Germans, in order to create a costal defence line. Although traces are still visible today, the landscape was altered even more then, as tank barriers (so called Czech hedgehogs) were arranged on the beaches. Analogous to the three-legged form of these objects, new WINDSIGNS were created for the beach of Blåvandshuk. Assembled from common waste-water pipes, a symbol of civilization, they stand in contrast to the beautiful and somehow wild nature.

As the pieces merge to become a "wind organ"", an audible space is created within and around the installation. Visitors are invited to experience the new harmonic sonority and decipher the stories the wind carries along.

The vinyl record WINDSIGNS in Edition of ten numbered copies compiles the field recordings in this audible space. Five soundpieces are composed tracks of the “music” the tubes made. They reflect the space, the wind and the melody.