Sound piece / Electroacoustic performance (2022)
Buckets, tubes, pumps, water, stones, contact and hydromicrophones, fieldrecordings, voices

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The Danube is a fast-flowing river through Europe. Populated by various Undine (Sirens) figures - such as the mermaid Isa or the Danube woman. The Danube Delta lies between Moldova, Romania and Ukraine. General mobilization was announced here on February 19, 2022 and men between the ages of 18 and 60 were not allowed to leave the country. (Women and children have fled en masse) In reporting on this war in Europe, the gender attributions in the language immediately returned to the traditional woman-man attributions. Thus women became wives and relatives of - and men became defenders. The Undine (Siren) figure is described in literature as one that equates human fear of the uncontrollability of nature with men's fear of incomprehensible femininity.

For the composition underwater recordings of the Danube river where combined with noises of a self build fountain. Recordings of radio announcers tell us the story about the general mobilization. Female voices tell us about the sirens and finalize the soundpiece with a sing sang in the languages of countries that line the Danube. They list all family members.

This composition was created during an artist residency at Salzamt Linz (AU) and shown at ZiMMT (Centre for immersive Media art, Music and Technology) in Leipzig, Germany in an arrangement for self build fountain, stones and 3D audio.

PHOTOS Nina Buttendorf

Deborah Jeromin, Viktoriia Medvedko, Dana Neufert, Franciska Z├│lyom, Melanie