Soundinstallation / Electroacoustic Concert (2021)
4 channel sound, light sensor, pebbels, LED light, bench; sand, fossile shark teeth, oven pipe, computer, midicontroller, ebow, contact mics, field recordings, megaphon

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Since World War II, over 300 villages in Germany have been devastated in order to mine lignite among them. Pödelwitz is located south of Leipzig on the edge of the active opencast mine "United Schleenhain". Pödelwitz was also to be dredged. Most of the residents have already left the place. It is quiet, nature noises share the listening environment with the constant humming of the excavators from the open pit. Since January 2021 it has been clear: In cooperation with climate activists, the "Pro Pödelwitz" citizens' movement was able to save their village from devastation.

The audio piece tells about the development and the 700-year history of the location in the form of a composition made of field recordings, found sounds and specific instruments developed by Schimkat.

Sounds and field recordings:
Anna Schimkat

Anna Sophie Rommel

Recording Voice
Alexis Berthelot

Thanks to:
Pro Pödelwitz
AAA Pödelwitz
Heimatverein Groitzsch
Ev.-Luth. Kirchgemeinde Groitzsch
Bergbautechnik Park e.V.
MIBRAG – Mitteldeutsche Braunkohlegesellschaft mbH